Sharing is probably the most sustainable and powerful element of this ‘Lets Teach Computing’. The MOOC will help you to do this so that you can harness that power of collaboration, giving you access to loads of co-created resources without increasing your workload.

As you join the MOOC you will need to join our G+ community so that you can share content and join in with our conversations. You’ll need a Google+ account for this. Then you can access Google Plus from the top right, where it says your name followed by a ‘+’. You’ll find your communities under ‘Home’ at the top left and you’ll be able to share posts. Notice that you can turn the email notifications on or off if it gets too busy.

You can also follow us on Twitter at @letsteachcomp and use the hashtag #letsteachcomp to see what others are posting.

You’ll find a category for introductions and another for discussion on the G+ community. We’d love you to join in right away by telling us a little about yourself and sharing a favourite resource for teaching any aspect of the computing curriculum.